Our Passion…Our Story…Our Commitment

Our Passion

Our mission is to make your life easier with sharp knives and tools no matter what your project.  Sharp Edge
Pros is more than a knife sharpening company. Our passion for customer service is at the core of our
company. We strive to create long-term relationships with both our residential and commercial clients.
Utilizing state-of-the-art technology we provide reliable and professional knife and tool sharpening and
restoration services. We make it easy for our clients to gain peace of mind, knowing that their knives and
tools are being handled by trained Edge Specialists utilizing “cutting edge” equipment.

Our Story

Since the Stone Age people have been using knives and tools to assist them with their food and various
projects. While the technology in developing better tools continued to improve, the maintenance of these
knives and tools lagged behind. It’s a simple theory, a better performing tool, such as a sharp knife, will work
better and make the process seem easy. Yet when the tool is dull it can make any simple project a painful

We ourselves needed this service. The more we asked our friends, neighbors and colleagues the more we
realized we had no idea where to turn. We were not alone in needing a professional sharpening service to
improve the maintenance and sharpness of our knives and tools. However finding a reliable solution was

After struggling to find a professional reliable company we turned to finding the equipment to do it ourselves.
While the variety of equipment existed, very little of it offered a commercial grade quality of sharpness.  As we
progressed through this journey the family and friends we once called upon for advice began to call us for
the service. They just needed it done. What started as a helping hand turned into a fiery passion that
catapulted Sharp Edge Pros into a service company with a spotless reputation and a Professional “Sharp

Our logic – simple – bring this service to everyone, and in their own communities. Make it just as easy to go
get your knives sharpened – as it is to dropping off your dry cleaning. Or call in for the service, similar to
calling out for water delivery.  

Our dedication to ensuring a consistently prefect edge is there to help not only the homeowner but also
larger commercial clients. This motivated us to master the art of the sharp edge and to pursue the best
sharpening technology available.  By redefining the service experience through offering mobile service, drop
off locations, mail –in programs, local event sharpening and store front options we made sure consumers
can now have a company they can rely on for sharpening their knives and tools.  

Our Commitment

Sharp Edge Pros is a customer-focused solution provider dedicated to re-defining the service experience for
residential and commercial customers. Our goal is to offer a convenient Knife Sharpening service for
consumers, and to become their lifelong ‘go to’ partner. We are committed to providing you a trusting friendly
experience each time you need our service.  Each independently owned and operated SEP location offers a
limited warranty on all work performed.