Take the hassle out of the everyday cutting! If your knives or tools are dull it can make a simple step a
chore. Have your knives and tools sharpened professionally by our highly trained Edge Specialists.
Friendly service you can count on. Our pricing is simple, our work is guaranteed and we're just a phone call

We sharpen a wide variety of knives and tools, hundreds of different types of knives and tools for both
residential and commercial purposes.  We provide services to homeowners and companies in the
following industries: restaurant and food, construction, landscaping, medical, manufacturing, forestry and
wood processing, farming, outdoor and hunting; as well as many others.

Each Sharp Edge Pros office is independently owned and locally operated.  Not all services are offered by
every Sharp Edge Pros location.

Convenient Service

People are busy these days and we understand that.  Whether you operate a busy business or just
balancing a busy life, we have developed an industry leading “5 Points of Service” program to ensure that
you will be able to have your items sharpened in the most convenient manner.  

We can come to you to  sharpen on the spot
We can pick up larger orders for 24 hour or less turn around
You can drop off your items at the nearest collection location
You can mail your items directly to a Sharp Edge Pros office
You can find us at a local event offering the service

Fair and Understandable Pricing

How’s that for an innovative idea? No hidden fees. No trip charges.  All rates and pricing are discussed and agreed to before we ever start work.  And if you are a “SEP VIP Member” you can receive special
discounts using your Loyalty Rewards Card and special offers via our email newsletter.  

Our Work is Guaranteed

We guarantee that your knives and tools will be sharp and ready to be used. We take great pride in making
sure each and every item we sharpen is taken through a full 10 point Quality Assurance process. Our
reputation hinges on each and every item we sharpen and to keep our legendary “Sharpness” we must
deliver superior quality every time!