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In order to provide our customers the most convenient and flexible
service, Sharp Edge Pros is developing strategic alliances with
qualified companies in many industries. Through our Strategic
several ways.

Your company can work side-by-side with a local Professional
Sharpener office in your specific market. If an  office is not present
yet in your market; your company can work with our Sharp Edge
Pros main office to develop the program.

Strategic Alliance Partnership Program companies have a wide
variety of options they can offer to their clients. These options can
help generate more revenue for your company and offer your
customer another quality service.

Ways to join our Strategic Partnership Program:

  • Become an Authorized drop off collection location

  • Provide the service through your company and ship items
    directly to us

  • Offer the service at your location(s) regularly through a local
    SEP Office

  • Purchase the equipment and offer the service yourself

  • Reward your customers, colleagues and employees with Knife
    Sharpening Certificates

  • Offer discounts and maintenance plans as special promotions

If you feel your company is a great fit and are interested in learning
more about our Strategic Alliance Partnership Program please
complete the contact form and a SEP Representative will be in
contact with you soon.